Why Goat Milk Soap?‚Äč

Goat milk has a PH similar to humans and contains essential fatty acids, proteins and alpha-hydroxy acids that naturally slough off dead skin cells to help generate new cells without stripping the skin. All skin types benefit from this anti-aging, anti-bacterial soap, but it's a must for eczema, rosacea and allergy-prone dry skin. It also kills the acne-causing bacteria for skin prone to breakouts. Yet it's gentile enough for new born babies. Why settle for the bar of detergent you buy at the supermarket when you can treat your skin to an all natural deeply moisturizing bar of real Goat Milk Soap. All the milk I use to make this soap comes from my Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and it has a 35% higher fat content then standard goats. I know once you try this soap you'll never go back to your old one! 

Natural Handmade Goat Milk Soap

My soap is a generous 5 to 6oz. bar. Each batch is made with a special recipe that includes Exotic Oils, Butters, and clays from the Brazilian Rain Forest along with my amazing raw Goat Milk to give you a very conditioning bar of soap!  Each wrapped bar is $5.00 or you can choose an unwrapped uncut loaf of your choice (18 bars) for $75.00 (allow 2 weeks for processing full loaves).

The choices I have for now are :

 * Unscented (Butt Naked), 

* Essential oil Lavender, * Essential oil Tart Lemongrass,

 * Essential oil Cedarwood & Tea Tree, * Dragons Blood, 

* Essential oil Eucalyptus & Spearmint, * Oatmeal & Honey, 

* Mikayla Rose, * Coco-Beach, 

* Tahitian Monoi, (More to come soon!)   

 Wholesale Inquiries Welcome !